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We want to see our athletes succeed in all aspects of their lives. Here is what some of our happy swimmers have to say. 

C. Kruppa

I learned to swim as a child on a summer league swim team.  I was a strong swimmer and enjoyed it as a recreation activity.  As an adult, I because an avid runner competing in distances from 5K-50K.  On my 40th birthday, that all came to a screeching halt when I tore the plantar fascia in my left foot.  No running for 6 months.  What?  
I hadn't taken off anywhere close to that much time from running in 16 years.  I found an alternate activity, swimming.  Running gave me the endurance to swim a long way, but I was very inefficient.  After being out of the pool for 25 years, I needed to get back to the basics.  I met with Corrie one on one and she was able to make some small adjustments to my stroke that made me move faster in the pool and with less effort.  The way she presented the changes was very easy to understand and to apply to my day to day swimming.  Thank you Corrie for helping me to be a faster swimmer! 

Deborah K.

Coach Corrie is amazing! Very professional and extremely competent. — Deborah K.

Lee G.

I never recognized my potential as an endurance athlete until I signed on with Coach Corrie.  What sets her apart from other coaches is her ability to design and clearly explain my weekly training routine based on real-time variables, such as work schedule, family and personal life, health and well-being, and athletic performance data.  Her coaching methods also produce results. Because of Coach Corrie, I have reached the podium in triathlons and time trials, placed and even won at masters swim meets, competed in several half and full marathons, ridden several thousands of miles, and will have finished my second Ironman in November.  While being successful in athletics feels good, what feels even better is self-confidence.  Coach Corrie makes what looks like the impossible possible with her affirmations and her ability to see her athletes as individuals.  My self-confidence in athletics is a result of her coaching methods and her unwavering belief in me.  If you're looking for a coach who can show you how to be successful both as an athlete and as a person, then run--don't walk--to contact Coach Corrie! It will be the best decision you'll ever make."

Sandy V.

Corrie is such a great teacher and leader!
A very motivating and inspirational swimmer and athlete! — Sandy V.

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