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Coach Corrie Kristick's goal is to inspire and help others. With this mindset she went about creating Corrie Kristick Racing, LLC -- to help those athletes who have very unique goals for their life and for their passion of triathlon and sport. Corrie is a leader, who's credentials include: accomplished teacher, American Professional Triathlete, NCAA Div I swimmer, Olympic Trials qualifier, USA and NWAL Swim Coach and Triathlon Coach.  Corrie credits her drive and hard work ethic to her parents, as well as the amazing coaches,literally the best in the world,  who helped her in achieving her athletic dreams in swimming and triathlon. If you are looking for a coach who embodies true respect and love for multi-sport and balance in life, welcome home.  

Corrie is a Coach, Teacher, Professional Athlete, USA Swim Coach and Triathlete


To schedule your training or other inquiries contact Coach Corrie at:

Phone: (281) 217-0129


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