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Aquatics Personal Training/Private Coaching and Lessons 

Corrie Kristick, also known as “The Swim Guru,” has been an athlete her whole life and a coach for over 20 years. Corrie is a graduate of Rice University, a Div I NCAA and Olympic Trials swimming qualifier and a retired professional triathlete. Corrie's true passion in life is helping others find comfort and confidence in the water and in life through sport.

To schedule a lesson, please contact Corrie Kristick at or call us at (281)217-0921. You may also request more information via the West University Place Recreation Center at (713)662-7420.


We offer solo one on one private lessons only (1 coach:1 swimmer). Private lessons are 30 minutes in length -- unless your swimmer is an advanced or elite swimmer

Our elite or advanced level swimmers may book longer lessons with us, such as an hour or longer, as they need a more in depth, longer lesson time. These lessons are reserved for USA swimming year round elite youth, or masters swimmers who have extensive swimming experience.

Lessons are purchased in packages of 4 or 8 lessons per package. Cost of each package is  $280 per 4 and $560 for 8 lessons. *

Elite Session (60 min session or longer): Same rate as above for 30 min session, you will however be checked in for 2+ or more 30 min lessons upon arrival to the Rec Center. *

*Non-residents of West University Place as well as Non-Members of the West University Recreation Center pay an additional $30 dollars per package, i.e. $310/4 pack of solo lessons and $590/8 pack.

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